Speak from your Love

Why does it become difficult for all of us at times to be in touch with the most magical part of who we are, our love and then to speak from this place?

Ego, emotions, our habits of reacting or overreacting.

The reason we need to be in touch with our feelings/emotions is because they are like alarms or snippets that deserve attention. Not every emotion gets the same kind of attention.

When the anger alarm goes off in our emotions, its like the rock that broke the window. Once its thrown you cant get it back and the window will never be the same, it can be fixed but it still costs in the end.

When we come from a place of hurt or anger when we talk we are no different then that rock breaking the window. The moment you feel these emotions you are not in your heartspace.

Communication is much more then the words said, its the feeling in which they are said. Rubbing people the wrong way doesnt help anyone with what they are saying and no one is listening. So anything you are trying to say isnt heard correctly either.

Your anger may feel like its entitled to attention, and it is! The attention your anger needs is awareness. Go inwards and ask why am i so angry? Why am i not in my heartspace? Take a deep breath and find that heartspace!
When you find your heartspace, the place of peace, love, understanding and joy then you are able to be responsive with love.

Now when you experience a loving or happy emotion or maybe even a memory snippet your attention is called upon in another way. This alarm is called gratitude and it reminds you to celebrate these moments with your heartspace. Stop and really enjoy mindfulness! smell the roses! Feel the love!

We are so used to reacting out of habit that we forget the love we have. Its never to late to retrain the habit.

1. Take a deep breath and center yourself. Take a few more if needed. If you are needing more time then take 5 minutes. Its ok to take a time out. You deserve it, its call self care.

2. Ask yourself am i about to talk to this person the way i want to be spoken to?

3. Find the love inside your heartspace and sit there for a moment before you continue communication.

4. Be aware if this love while communicating and keep in touch.

If things begin to get heated take a step back and repeat the steps.

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Mother, Artist, Spiritual Practitioner

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